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Yeah there are kids at all the games and he probably went a little overboard, but really? He had a sign that had a "celebrity's" real name on it.  How many times has someone's real name come out? Both Cy, NBC and Pierre need to grow up and grow some balls.  How many times have you seen fans at ANY sporting event go overboard at a player, coach, etc etc. Cy was just more well known than the average fan.  I could have seen the signs being taken and a warning given, versus booting him.  Pussification of America.  When he wasn't causing a stir like this TPB raved about him and his normal antics, but when he does something like this they instantly turn on him.  Also, calling his "schtick" played out on twitter, very hypocritical coming from the wrestling fanboys.  The dude fucked up, get over it and move on, no one needs crucified.

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