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@ginidietrich I think comparing segments of an industry/marketplace is excellent. The spirit of my criticism of that 'versus tactic' refers to the "my product is the best" kind of blog posts.

I've not been at an agency, but I've heard stories. Would be great to read about that topic. :-)

3 years, 8 months ago on Four Content Ideas for Driving Inbound Leads


I like all the points but the last one. "Versus" has an innate "selfishness" to it. This doesn't *always* help the prospective buyer, existing customer or the market. However, in moderation, it's totally right.

I've seen SO MANY affiliate-driven "Product A Review" or "Product A Alternative".... and it's just tacky and not useful. This lowers the trust people have and introduces or compounds market confusion.

The other three points are SOLID. Address the questions on the mind of the prospect and hit their needs through the buying process. Slowly, casually and candidly. :-)

3 years, 8 months ago on Four Content Ideas for Driving Inbound Leads


Hustle! Love it, keep it up Jay!

3 years, 8 months ago on The 3 Keys to Social Influence


The great Kathy Sacks recommended I read the book a few weeks ago. Excellent stuff. Love how Silvers shares how he kept to his core values -- even if it meant forming enemies -- and ultimately creating a successful business from it. His passion was NOT about making money, or getting acquired or whatever. It was to help indie-artists sell music.

Great read, even if people don't win it. It's worth it 10x over.

3 years, 8 months ago on Perception, Happiness, and Getting Anything You Want


Excellent example, Jay. For our company, Infusionsoft, we closely monitor our LCV in addition or customer satisfaction, revenue, new sales, and cancels/churn. Love how you broke down this sometimes-cluttered explanation into just nine steps.

Here's another point to consider, but will vary on each company and their blog. We've tracked customers who signed up via our blog, they tend to have a higher LCV. My interpretation is that they are educated about our solution and have developed a sense of loyalty to the company from our updates on the blog. Tracking lead sources is very useful to determine if it's the right "kind" of customer you want, and how they impact the business differently.

Thanks for sharing this post and breaking it down!

3 years, 9 months ago on Calculate Your Blogging ROI in 9 Steps


Interesting. Thanks for sharing this and it's nice to read about your perspective on the Mormon faith and the relation to leadership in corporate America. I'm not in total agreement, but I appreciate your perspective.

I'm more willing to say that a strong sense of discipline and strong ties to the community has a greater impact than one's religious affiliation. I think no matter the faith, anyone who was raised with a good sense of self and others will probably be more successful in business.

However, I will say that hearing about others missions are indeed interesting, compelling and offers them experiences that propel them further in life and their careers.

Again, I appreciate your perspective. Thanks for sharing this with your audience.

3 years, 10 months ago on Mormons Make Better Leaders


This is quite a comprehensive list of ways to show you give a damn. But, you're exactly right.

I can tell you from recent experience when I made my first hire on my team for our social media and communications, you're dead on. My new hire wasn't selected only because of their 'impressive' skillset. Skills are half the battle. Employers are looking for the total package. It mattered prospective hires have enough drive and interest to research the company and determine if it's a fit for them. Anyone can get a job, but only few get to find a career that's made for them. It also helped them fare much better in the assessment since they had a firm grasp of how we operate, our style and tone. This is especially important if you're looking for a marketing or social media position.

On a side note, it doesn't mean kissing ass. Only chase after a position if you really, really feel passionate about it. Research the company more than the company researching you and when you don't think you're a perfect fit, come to the table with questions and prepare to fold. That's much, much more respectful of the interviewer's time and they'll appreciate it.

In summary, show that you don't want the job or that the you're an ideal fit. Show you give a crap about it and hustle. It makes you stand out from the rest of the hundreds of applicants for the job.

3 years, 10 months ago on 6 Ways to Show You Give a Damn in a Job Interview