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Mcphee21 - first off great name, my favorite NYR of all time. Epic battles with Tocchet. But on to your point. Yeah we dont have that big guy on the 4th line to maybe make some of these punks think twice. Of course we had the Boogeyman, God rest his soul. John Scott briefly at the end of last season. But more importantly, no team cohesiveness yet. No one seems to want to stick up for each other. Look at the BOS/MON game last night. Tyler Seguin gets a cross check in the ribs that is not even called but Chara saw it and even though he is a valuable player, he beelined toward Alexei Emelin and sent an un-mistakable message. Yes MON scored on the ensuing powerplay with Chara in the box, but that type of loyalty to your teammates goes a long way, especially in the playoffs.  So anyway, do you have any ideas who might be able to fill that enforcer role for us?  Dont know too much about Mashinter yet but he seemed ok while he was up in the NHL. One guy i miss is Colton Orr. Loved his KO on Fedoruk after Fedoruk was running everyone including Jagr the game before when Orr was a healthy scratch. I would love to have someone like that again.

2 years, 1 month ago on Richards Doesn't Practice as Kaleta Feels Like Garbage for Hurting Team Not Richards