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Costas is a hypocrite, & a coward. Would he dare broach the eminently relevant topics of traumatic brain injury, or Jovan Belcher's inebriated state? Of course not. The NFL, NBC & their alcohol-peddling sponsors would never stand for it. Rather he chose to ignore the issue of causality altogether in favor of making reactionary & uninformed statements about an illusory "gun culture" amongst athletes, never bothering to follow up w/ the story as vital details emerged. It's not journalism. It's not even remotely intelligent. But it is a classic case of media whoremongering, which is about all that Costas & his increasingly obnoxious & pedantic brethren are good for.

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Gee, it's a good thing the word "rape" only has one definition, or this might be nothing more than yet another case of knee-jerk offense taking by uninformed reactionaries ...

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CBS should hire Billick, & throw Phil Simms into the summit crater of an active volcano.

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