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"the state government has only those powers which are not delegated to the federal government thereby, or reserved to the People of the states."  You just twisted that part of the Constitution completely around.  The Federal Government only has those powers which are not delegated to it by the States, or reserved to the people.  You must have skipped to the end and read the Constitution backwards, because in doing so, and interpreting it as such, is inherently misleading.  Interpreting the intent of the founding fathers is an endless argument.  If the Constitution's wording or the intent of its authors needs clarification, then it needs to be in the form of a Constitutional Amendment.. PERIOD!  Not in the form of some Congressional Act or Executive Order that contrives its authority based on loose interpretation of a particular clause.  For example: ObamaCare should have been a Constitutional Amendment and the dissenting States, and the dissenting people of those States, have clearly voiced and demonstrated that.  I sure hope you are not a professor of law! 

2 years ago on Who’s Supreme? The Supremacy Clause Smackdown