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Relating chemistry to guys enjoying playing with each other or liking each other is a dangerous assumption.  Many successful teammates in many sports have disliked each other personally but have been able to keep that dislike off the court.


For that matter, putting alley-oops between Griffin and Paul down to chemistry is also a dangerous assumption.  Griffin doesn't need Paul to dunk.  Paul doesn't need Griffin to throw successful lob passes.    Any team with a competent point guard would throw lobs for Griffin to fetch (same with LeBron James).  But speaking of LeBron, there are "crazy" passes that he and Wade throw to each other which neither would throw to a random player in the same situation- not always smart passes, either, but stuff they do because they trust each other and are having fun together out there (the full-court alley-oop from James to Wade against I think Sacramento was an example).  I think that's a better example of a currently unquantifiable  "chemistry" difference, how the same players will play differently and attempt different things because of the relationship between them.


(And then there's negative chemistry on dysfunctional teams, like players putting up inferior shots rather than pass to their rival).

2 years, 1 month ago on The Advanced Statistics Of Team Chemistry