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The majority of fans not even close. Do you actually attend games? Not even 1/3 of fans are texting, tweeting, yakking during the game. During breaks perhaps not during the action and damn sure not a majority. Stop just making crap up to write a blog. Even people in the cheap seats are watching not texting or tweeting. Real fans came to watch the game not their phone. In LA and New York it might approach half but not in the majority of cities and not the majority of fans. i don't know where you get your facts try checking them b4 you post them. Maybe actually look around a game and see for yourself. Do you think the crowd in OKC, even 50% are tweeting during the game? That only happens in the cities of the self absorbed or perhaps during a rout. If your gonna pretend to be a journalist at least get your facts straight and not take them from some other goof seeking headlines by being a shock author with sensational "facts".

2 years, 1 month ago on Dispatches from Sloan – Eyes up, eyes down


While great at training and rehab it doesn't take into account in game bumps and bruises which are unpredictable. The end all be all not even close. It is a nerd thing and doesn't account for game play. For example a knee to the thigh not included. It's nothing more then a bunch of nerds that never played any sport assessing what will happen or not. It might work well for a rehab analysis but not much more. If your training staff doesn't follow their stuff it's useless. Not to mention no two athletes heal at the same rate and some heal faster in some areas and slower in others. It is just another nerd trying to make a name for them self using a hypothesis. There is no real world basis on this and damn sure no in season basis. What a waste of time and energy to even follow it as it is inane!


2 years, 1 month ago on Dispatches from Sloan – The future of the Suns’ training staff


Goran might attack the lane like Ginobili but he's not nearly as  talented an actor or flopper. I'd also say Manu has a smoother and quicker release from 3 point land but you can definitely see the similarities between the two.

2 years, 1 month ago on Atlanta pregame: Soaking up the Suns' win at San Antonio


There was never even a rumor the suns were after Josh Smith. It was never any more then bloggers "rosterbating" themselves and or wishful thinking. You all need to come back to earth some. We caught a couple teams off guard that took the suns for granted and looked past the game. And come on really we couldn't manage 90 against the Twolves and squeaked one. I'm all for a PMA and hope WJohnson grows into a lottery pick player but let's try and keep it in the realm of reality. It was  a prayer three at the buzzer and that stuff just happens. Even the worst player in the NBA was an all something once and so capable of more then us mere mortals on the court. We are still very much a lottery bound team and with luck a top 5-10.

2 years, 1 month ago on Preview: Atlanta Hawks (33-23) at Phoenix Suns (20-39)