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@MOlsen  I noticed the same thing, but no mention on the team website, so likely personal or not eligible for this round of playoffs. 

James has been a more defensive player until lately. He was a poor shooter until 3 months ago.

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I viewed video on Damien and although his shot from distance was inconsistent, he has similar gifts of KL. They have similar wing span, athleticism, quick feet and decent ball skills. He also apparently has improved his distance shooting and has shot over 40% from 3 his past 15-20 games.

With a little help from Chip, we might have a good  backup for KL, with Daye mixing it with  SF, stretch 4, while Kl can try time at the 2. 

 I hope he sticks.

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@jaws3   Dirk is more  a plodder but they both can shoot off the dribble and put the ball on the floor enough to get an open look. I don't remember Chambers much. I think Richard may have more raw talent, but really need coaching to learn most everything. It looked like before he go t hurt that Bertans might have been brought over last Summer and signed, so maybe this Summer we will see him. It is time to get these guys to learn the system. 

I imagine a roster of these long shooters replacing the old guard. DG, KL, Daye, Bertrans, Jean Charles, with an aging TP and maybe Kabongo, or...

 We likely will need a whole new personnel approach once TD is gone and these guys look like a nice start.

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Great to see him back but please check your source for his height. He is listed most places at 6'10.5" not 6'8". He really looked good, in the clips.

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