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Lakers (if they survive the first round) will be spent because Kobe should be drained by then. But in the first round, they will be a force simply because Kobe does what he does - scores plenty especially when he's having a hot streak. I'll want to shun the Lakers in the first round even though Spurs will beat them but it might really waste TD and Manu's precious energy to potentially drag the series to 7 games.

2 years, 1 month ago on Scott Brooks doesn't think top seed is important either


You may not care about what they say... but Spurs (esp the big 3) really had a bad game against the Suns. Perhaps its just complacency but Duncan was bullied by O'Neal in that game or we could say O'Neal had a freakish night where most of his shots go in. Coupled with a recent loss (also OT) against Warriors, it really becomes worrying that when it comes to tiring OT plays (which require alot of stamina, same can be said of the playoffs) our Spurs may be found wanting. It's good to see Spurs bouncing back for the next two games but those were against very poor teams. 

2 years, 1 month ago on Video: Skip Bayless Jumps Off Spurs Bandwagon


he season started brightly for TD…posting fantastic numbers but since his knee flare up again, he's been posting single digits in offence or the sporadic 15+ to 19 points.He can no longer contain the likes of Jermain and David Lee.The time has probably come for our legend to hang up his basketball shoes.Also, this totally, absolutely, without a doubt proves that Tony Parker can be "sefolosha-ed".

2 years, 1 month ago on O’Neal, Suns defeat Spurs in return home