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@Dbry Thanks mate =)

9 months ago on The Stuff GT-R Dreams Are Made Of


Taked to the guy who owns this car on gatebil once,really a cool guy ! Had plenty of time to chat with me and a friend that passed by his stand,not sure if he had converted to twin turbo back then,anyways Frendly guy ! Full respect to him and his absolutely mad Golf !

1 year, 5 months ago on Two Turbos, Eight Cylinders:</br>A VW Golf To Decimate All



Hey Dino nice car!!  Just mounted the same Takata harnesses (green ones) in my bayside bnr34 and i didnt use any of those thin plates!!

If you take your original bolts out,the M11 eyebolt will fit right in two holes (four in total) under the backseat,and the one in the side of the car. However they will not fit in the hole in the driveshaft tunnel because thats m10 treaded (dont remember the tread pitch right now )all bolts for the seat are factory M10 and for the original seatbelt mounting M11 tread

Derefore i took one of my four eyebolts and put it in a lathe(hope thats the correct word*) and cut it down to 10mm an reatreded it =)

these plates for your seatbelts dont match up with your car at all =)


keep up the good work


2 years, 1 month ago on Takata Equipped: Project Gt-r’s New Belts