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Where are the helmets?

1 year, 5 months ago on Sunday Sessions:</br>Downshift Circuit & Coffee


No, we are not tools.  Don't hide behind calling people "haters" or "tools" because they are trying to inform someone of safety.


These aren't opinions about safety.  The angles are chosen by sanctioning bodies after careful engineering and testing.  


It is the difference between telling someone their paint job is ugly (in poor taste) and telling them it wasn't done well (poor technique that will lead to future issues).  We did the equivalent of telling them it wasn't done well and told them how to fix it.  You seem to have mistaken informing someone of a better way to do something for an critical opinion. 


(yes, I see your handle, and I recognized that you are possibly/probably trolling. Subtle troll is subtle...)

2 years, 1 month ago on Takata Equipped: Project Gt-r’s New Belts


Schroth makes an ASM belt that has quick clip in's so you can use it for autox or a track day and then take it out for driving on the road.


I've always been of the mind that there are two types of safety systems:

1) airbags, 3 point, seats with headrests meant to cradle the head/neck during a collision. ie the "floppy human"

2) roll bar/cage, helmet, harnesses with harness bar, seat with headrest meant to accommodate a helmet  on the head. ie the "be a part of the car"


Each system is made for different types of impact and other safety and convenience factors.  One is for driving on the road with good visibility to the sides, movement in the cabin, comfort on long rides, and ease of entry and exit.  The other is for more extreme conditions where harder head on impacts are likely, where rolling over has a greater possibility of happening.


Mixing and matching is never a good idea:

-roll bar/cage without a helmet -> danger to the head and body even with "padding"

-race seat without helmet -> some possibility of neck injury during head on/rear end accidents

-helmet on the street -> bad visibility to the sides (ask a motorcycle rider)

-harness and nothing else -> submarining, previously mentioned neck/head cradling parts of the seat won't work properly, air bag won't soften the blow, etc.

2 years, 1 month ago on Takata Equipped: Project Gt-r’s New Belts