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I think my username says it all. 

How can this league possibly claim to have any concern for player safety? 

Tack on the now THREE phantom penalties that were given to the NYR so far and the level of negligence in officiating on display in this series makes it easy to believe that there's something terribly corrupt going on. He won't show it in the press but I would love to have been in the room to see AV's reaction when this ruling came down.

As much as I'd like to see revenge for this on Friday, I'd rather see the team run AV's system and shut them down HARD in games 4 and 5. Real opportunity here to establish an identity that was missing all season, but in the way that AV wants it done.

Car Bomb is the man.

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Near picture perfect win on so many levels. 

Boyle haters need to zip it. Heart of a fourth line that is a silently critical to the team as Boyle is. 

Nice to see the one guy who has shown up all season be the one to get us on the board and have that followed up by the guys who now need to show up for every game in the post season. 

Hank gets a night off in the playoffs? Hope he's not too thrown by that, probably never experienced it before.

The D was a thing of beauty - hard to believe it's the same crew from the start of the season. Oh wait, Del Zero's gone. OK, maybe that one makes sense. 

Loving AV right now. 

Lots to be optimistic about but a certain line by Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction comes to mind...


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Word. A little perplexed as to why Kreider doesn't show up more in a game like this. He's been too quiet lately.

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Is Roger Daltrey covering Ranger games for The Who now? What's with the duct taped old school mic on the right side of the screen during the Nash and McD interviews?

I think the head office told the team that the playoff packages and season renewals were hitting mailboxes yesterday. Whatever it was, let's hope the same team (plus Kreider) shows up against NJD.

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