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I don't have a problem with how Itsay handled the offseason last year. He was right to cut Manning, and I do believe this was done out of loyalty to the man. Everyone knew the Colts weren't going to be a Super Bowl team last season, he gave Peyton an opportunity to win, at the risk of sending his fan base running full speed off a cliff over it. But he found ways to apease us, and while the Colts weren't a Super Bowl team, one of my best Colt fan experiences was watching last season play out. I think this article is a little hard on Irsay, calling him a liar isn't really fair. What would Jerry Jones or Al Davis had done? Oh that's right all they ever do for their fans is give them a winning team once every 30 years. Irsay can do whatever he wants in my book because the Colts, "just win baby!" I really feel like letting go of everyone he let go of was the right move, he obviously brought in the right people to replace them, and there's no "Peyton" in Team. I adore Peyton, I bawled like a kid watching his send off press conference, but there is nothing in The Guide to Rooting for Indy that states "Peyton Manning MUST be the quarterback". I will root for whoever is taking the snaps, which means yes, like Reggie Wayne, last year I too was a Curtis PAINter fan. It was hard to watch but the next 12-14 years will certainly ease that pain. I bleed blue, the Colts mean so much to me. I was worried going into last offseason that I would end up despising Irsay, and falling out of love with the Horseshoe. But as it turns out I'm very pleased with how he has handled everything. I see your point in the article above, I just think it's a childish viewpoint. This is the NFL, not Dr. Phil. Not a personal shot at you, just your viewpoint on Irsay. I childishly hate that Jim Caldwell just won a SB ring by doing nothing more than asking Joe Flacco "hey bud, why don't you try chucking it deep every other play?" (which was brilliant), after being a complete doofus when he coached MY team. I swear, losing Peyton, Dallas, Dwight, all worth it to me to see someone, ANYONE, else lead our men. Go Colts!!

2 years, 1 month ago on Colts Authority