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Angharad - I think too many people get hung up on the nomenclature of those who market their Social Media expertise.  We can put it down to exuberance of a new field for all these various terms, but ultimately it will be the results of these people on which they will be judged, and not what they call themselves.

Actually, I think it is the "Social Media" part of the title that's most problematic, as it suggests that populating Social Media channels is a discipline divorced from traditional marketing practices and sensibilities; nothing could be further from the truth, especially with the focus on quality content marketing these days.

I had a similar debate with Allan B Beaton over on his blog too: 

Thanks once again though for sharing your thoughts with us. 

1 year, 12 months ago on The Social Media Job Titles To Avoid: Or #Cringe I Was A Social Media Guru


Steff - Your argument is a good one for why PR is alive and kicking, but I haven't really heard an argument saying it was dead in the first place.

I've heard plenty of arguments as to why PR is getting more difficult, but none saying that it is dead in the water.  I think your piece would be even stronger if you linked back to those articles which are claiming as such.

A bit of a minor gripe, but thanks for your article anyway.

1 year, 12 months ago on So, I hear PR is dead?


As if the world was not already full enough of bland, generic and derivative blog content... :-)


Interesting idea though. Reminds me a little of the William Burroughs 'cut up' technique used in his writing, which people like Bowie famously lifted for their songwriting.  Maybe if you put enough interesting ideas into the Content Idea Generator, something really interesting may come out? 

2 years ago on Content Idea Generator: A Magical Tool to Help You Write


This is article is spot on, Ken.

There is so much BS about Social Media influence (although I am still a passionate advocate of it in principle), and Klout is just one of its manifestations.

The ultimate metric of any Social Media interaction is whether it has fulfilled its goal, and that might range from informing friends/ connections of an interesting article to getting a sales lead on the back of a blog or Tweet.

If there is ultimately no traction with the real world (or if a business, the financial sphere), that Social Media activity is inherently a futile exercise.

2 years ago on Online Influence and Smoke-Filled Back Rooms


This is useful infographic; thanks for sharing it with us.


Do you know when the research was conducted, and what geographical area was covered?

2 years, 1 month ago on Content Marketing vs Traditional Advertising [INFOGRAPHIC]