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LWP was not a cushioning system - you're thinking of "Tensile Air", which just a couple years later was renamed "Zoom Air".  Of the three LWP models, only the basketball version received that cushioning, and only in the forefoot.  These Air Challenge LWPs, in production form, simply had the normal heel and forefoot Air units.  The model pictured here was not available in retail stores, but was a clay court version of the shoe that I believe Nike made available to the pros.  Besides being visible, the air sole here would be different than production in that it was encapsulated by the foam.  The production version just glued in the unit without building the foam through it.  This also made it squeak quite a bit as it aged.  Nonetheless, certainly just about the most comfortable Agassi shoe ever made.

2 years, 1 month ago on Nike Air Challenge LWP – Unreleased Air Max Sample