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6-0-1 whens Step,Hags and Nash play together.Please leave them alone Tort's.Miller 78% and Newbury 71% on faceoffs,helps alot.Richard's demotion,made us have some good balanced lines.Hope we see the same team against Ottawa and Montreal.After those games,we will see which direction this team should go,add or sell.Hopefully we will be adding before the deadline.Good night for the boys,hope it continues.And geez,we thought we had problems.The Flyers are a mess.

2 years, 1 month ago on Rangers 5, Flyers 2


I would think for now you Leave Step,Hags and Calli together,been playing well.Put Nash with Gabs and Richie,and hope it gets them going.Sather should look to get us a tough,fighter type player that can play top 6-9 minutes w/o hurting the team.I know it wont be cheap or easy but it is needed against some teams.Our talent is just going to keep getting run.I think Gabby would really benefit having some protection out there.It would also create more space for him.I don't see us going far in the playoffs w/o a player of that caliber.

2 years, 1 month ago on McDonagh Good to Go; Nash Likely for Bolts; Mash to Whale


First off,I have not seen enough ice time out of Mashinter yet to judge.He was playing well with the whale.I really did not expect Kreider to struggle so much.I guess its time for him to go down.Tonight a few more Rangers showed up,hopefully its a sign of things to come.But time is running short.They need to win games now.

2 years, 1 month ago on Jets 4, Rangers 3


Haley has played well for the Whale.I think Mashinter should stay up instead.He is more skilled.Torts has to let him pick his fights though.We have to protect our skillplayers,teams were running them last year too.I knew this was going to be a problem if the officials let things go.

2 years, 2 months ago on Apparently There Were Some Injuries Last Night


our top lines are too soft and we don't have a dman on the ice to answer the bell.Knew before the season started,teams would run and intimidate our top lines.Need a least one "Ott" type player.And we need a crease clearer.W/o Girardi and McD forget this season.Trade Gabby now before we get nothing for him.Maybe we can get O'Reilly and a decent dman for him.And throw Gilroy in just to get rid of him.Gives them the offensive dman they want.And the Rags should keeps the kids up and play 4 lines.

2 years, 2 months ago on Rangers 0, Canadiens 3