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Yeah that 10 team conference with Frog Helmet, Baylor, 2 Kansas schools, Iowa State and West Virginia is really "Paul".  Meanwhile the Big Ten is George.  Hmmm yeah sounds right.  I mean Big Ten money and prestige and historical influence makes Big 12 look like Pete Best (I didn't have to look it up).  


Get out.  Trash, trash, trash.  Your gimmick rotating Sugar Bowl with Alabama beating Kansas State 70-0 in the murder capital of the South (N.O.) is not traditional and never will be.  You can't make a trashier version of the Rose Bowl and call it Paul and John.  Pro-SEC doesn't have to mean bad analogies nowhere close to accurate with ANY sample size (I know you SEC folks just love your 7 sample size and your iron clad view that this Southern population boom will continue for infinity completely ignoring the fact that is just a trend like any other).

2 years, 1 month ago on Slive Chats About Realignment, TV, Playoffs And More