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Fran is spot-on in her advice. Well done! 

My husband and I were apart for almost 3.5 years. It was awful at times, sure, but our marriage lasted and our careers are much better for it. Like Fran said, the way we got through was constant communication and continually reevaluating our priorities. He was immensely supportive of my decision to go to school and work (which is what separated us) and constantly reminded me of those personal goals. His job was not flexible (military), so we were very good about setting a plan for Skype dates and all of our "fun money" went to traveling back and forth. 

I am so glad we stuck with it. I'm now an attorney and financial planner, living WITH my military husband and we both have careers we love and a marriage that is stronger than ever. It sounds like you are going into this with all the right ideas - support, communication, and the right combo of meeting your goals and working together in your marriage. Because you're thinking about this and you care, you will do fine! 

Congrats on the great job offer and good luck! 

1 year, 11 months ago on Can a Long-Distance Marriage Work?


Great giveaway! Thanks! 

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