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Richie is gonna be begging for the buyout just from being out of breathe from Hags and Fast. Or their speed will allow his slow ability to sneak thru the cracks

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The only thing is what do we get for him. A forward? We have an ample supply now. Clearly we will not be getting a top six because we have no room there. And even if we throw someone out to the bottom six like I see the victim being Zucc, I feel we would have to waive Pyatt or sit him constantly. Send down Miller and probably include Pouliot in the trade. We would want someone left with 1-2 years left max on the contract with all the players we need to resign in the offseason. Idk its just me saying let him play with McD to gain the safety net experience so he can try to be more consistent.  

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@Kevin DeLury @shoot_the_goalie @JoshKaye @KreiderisTheChosenOne to be fair Greene made a hell of a play to keep it in. but it has to be out of the zone

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I think DZ needs to hit the gym and the net and he'll be fine. Im a fan of his but he needs to be a consistent like he was in 2012 season. I think someone should slip with some PEDs just a small dose. 

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I thought DZ had a better game tonight. Was a little more physical. He plays better when he his more physical. giggity. But all around his game needs to be elevated to how it was earlier in the season. Also Kreider should get some time with Nash. Just double shift Nash.

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Hags- Step- Nash




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