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interesting... I've often stated that, traveling in a vehicle requires only a small amount of time to get instruction training and licensing... yet a couple thousand pounds of metal can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of those with little experience.  My acupuncture license by contrast took several years of training and proof of abilities by both written and practical exam and a hefty fee and retraining every couple years.  I think if you have a "license" to buy a gun and can show you know how to handle, clean, and be safe with it, you should be allowed to have whatever you can handle.  I've handled guns with regular and with pistol grip stocks... and our California rep, Feinstein is wrong, it's easier to shoot from the hip with a regular stock than a pistol grip... try it.  I think the issue is competence not the quantity or type of gun that kills.  If you are psychotic or criminal, you shouldn't be allowed to be licensed, just as if you are a felon, you cannot get a medical license.

2 years, 1 month ago on The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act is Constitutional