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Good article, and I agree overall with the notion that drop down menus should be avoided. But to me this is like talking about cars, most are dependable and others are total garbage. When you have a site that is going to grow beyond the primary navigation, creating a simple, navigation structure will work even when it includes a dropdown. The problems arise when you use an expanding navigation with multiple drop downs, or allow too little space for the user to click between items, and many other scenarios. But overall, it is possible to create a functional and intuitive navigation system for a multi-tiered website.


Other considerations when designing navigation should include the content and other necessary items, such as an important call to action that needs to be quickly viewed and may reside in the sidebar of the site. If you move the secondary navigation to the sidebar, you could push that CTA down too far down the page.


Good and effective design can overcome many challenges, including an effective use of drop down navigation when necessary. Great article again, please don't take my comments as a negative reflection on your article. Just another opinion. :)

2 years, 1 month ago on Website Navigation Best Practices