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While I think the argument used for canti's on women's bikes is a bit miopic I have to say that for RACING cross in all but the worst conditions, I prefer canti's.  On gravel, it is a toss up with the nod going to discs for high speed dry conditions (I have blown through disc pads on a 100 mile gravel grinder - nothing like NO brakes on rough gravel descents in swampy conditions to make you appreciate canti's).

I will actually rue the day that canti's are gone on cross bikes ... I guess I am a luddite

1 day, 1 hour ago on Raleigh Updates RX 1.0 and RX 2.0, Returns with RXW Women’s and Tamland Gravel Bikes


P2A is going to be great again this year.  And once again the weather forecast is for ... epic ...

6 days ago on The Week Before: Prepping for Gravel Racing


Yeah baby....

1 week, 2 days ago on Singlespeed ’Cross Worlds Dates Announced for 2014


Any entries for the last place finisher?  My only shot ...

1 week, 6 days ago on Racing ’Cross at Sea Otter? You Could Win a Golden Ticket to SSCXWC14KY


Ooooffff.  $2k .... wow!  One of the primary reasons to go tubeless vs tubular is cost.  I can buy a lot of tubulars for that kind of coin!  Love my IC rims but wow ....

2 weeks ago on New Product Spotlight: NoTubes’ Carbon Valor Tubeless 29er / CX Wheelset


@AdamJohnson1 Cannondale is notorious for selling bikes they don't have ... a friend of mine is STILL waiting on his SuperX that was bought in November.  As for the brakes, that is all on SRAM at this point.  My guess is the "deal" they worked out with Cannondale was to send them some BB7's since the hydro's are recalled so they could ship the bikes.  Of course, if you already had it they would give you some hydro's if they ever fix them.  I suspect that isn't the case when taking delivery of a bike now.

I would not take delivery and demand my money back.  You ordered one thing, they shipped something else.  That is their problem.

Or have the local shop upgrade to Shimano (cannot believe I am saying that but as much as I like SRAM drivetrains, right now they are in the backseat ...)

2 weeks, 5 days ago on SRAM Road Hydraulic Recall: What Went Wrong? SRAM President Stan Day Explains, Provides Update on 2015 Brakes


And the used market will now be FLOODED with 10 speed stuff... especially wheels.  Even the "new" market is going to see a clearance of the 10 speed gear.  Good news for those of us that don't need to be cutting edge (for the record, my TT bike is 6800 but everything else, nope)

2 weeks, 6 days ago on Surprise! Shimano 105 5800 Moves to 11-Speeds, Updated with Trickle-Down Tech


A super race - this will be my third year making the trip to the Great White North for it.  Lots of fun, weather is crazy and the final hill will make you hurt like few others.  Do it ... you won't regret it.

3 weeks, 4 days ago on Paris to Ancaster: Canada’s Spring Cyclocross Classic Brings Out a Star-Studded Field


Wow, this may lead to me rethinking my cross tire choices ... Gravel on!

1 month ago on Challenge Shows New Grifo Clincher and Gravel Grinder Tire at NAHBS 2014


I keep reading on the interweb about how 1x11 is the second coming ... uh, not so fast there SRAM.  First, it is awesome for XC or downhill mountain biking but is the big suck for trail/endurance riding.  Or maybe I need new legs ... I suspect that it will return most cross racing to 1x (like I remember it from the 80's) for all but some seriously sick courses.  Gravel - maybe... I do single speed so I am no reference but on mountain gravel races the lack of gear spread will be a hindrance.  The one that made me laugh was triathlon.  Time trials?  Maybe depending on the course profile but triathlon?  Seriously ... perhaps SRAM should work on an electronic tri group (something actually useful) before making this claim.  Go try and ride Great Floridian, Branson, Lake Placid, LeadMan, the old Silverman course, etc ... with a single ... that will make for some SLOW run times.  Sure IM Florida or AZ  but most others .... NOT.

I read a slick hands on review at "Peleton" and it seems that this works like butter ... very cool and may be a great upgrade for my cross bike ... but I think the buck stops there.

Final note: anyone see the (very cool) irony in SRAM being the first to market with a WiFli style setup and simultaneously marketing 1x11 as the future for just about everything??? ;)  I LOVE TECHNOLOGY.

1 month, 1 week ago on Ridden and Reviewed: SRAM’s Force CX1 Single Chainring Cyclocross 1x Drivetrain