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I'm trying to guess who the PTBNL is going to be. Assuming it's one of the 2013 draft picks, right now I'll say Cody Dickson. No one below him has a high enough upside for the Mets to make the trade, Meadows and McGuire are too good to trade for Davis, and JaCoby Jones doesn't fit the Mets' needs as much as a projectable pitcher and the Pirates probably want to keep an infielder who might be able to hit a bit.

Maybe Blake Taylor, but he's kind of young. Who knows, though. I'd be okay with either one if Davis turns out to be half decent. Gotta give to get.

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What I find heartening is that they actually look like a good team going through some early season adjustments, rather than a bad team rising to .500. 

Except Wandy looks pretty rough. I know, early season etc, but it doesn't look like he has any weapons out there.

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I might be overoptimistic, but I don't see a problem other than some hard baseball ahead, same as everyone else has. Volquez will probably go 1-3 before Locke or Pimentel or Cumpton takes his place. Ishikawa is Jones minus the power; okay. 

But the team plays hard and expects to win. That can't be measured, but it can be seen. It can be seen in the difference between the way the team responded to losing streaks in '12 and the way they responded in '13. 

I don't predict. But I do anticipate. And I anticipate having a real blast watching the Pirates play this year, a feeling I haven't had for a long time.

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