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You sound like one of those crazy liberals that believes the pie is only so big and if Alabama takes a bigger piece than Miss State can't get more... I would throw a few names and question your intelligence, but you are making a better case for why Miss State needs to grow their fan base and increase their stadium.  They can use some of that shared revenue from the SEC tv contract to build a better game day experience.


The merging of the conferences is similar to the AFL and NFL merging into the NFL today.  Sure the Buffalo Bills don't make a lot of game day money compared to the Dallas Cowboys, but that shared TV revenue allows them to continue to innovate to try an improve their situation (like more games in Toronto for the Bills or more Neutral site games for Miss State or any other "have not")

2 years, 1 month ago on Don’t Like The Idea Of 20-Team Conferences? Don’t Worry, They Won’t Last Long