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I really don't understand why so many people keep saying we need to rebuild through the draft.  The celtics that won it all did it by getting stars, the heat, the lakers, and the only teams in that company are OKC, who happened to land KD with the expansion pick  and might I mention Westbrook was a steal and San Antonio who grabbed a legend in Duncan but certainly had a supporting cast already in place.  So building through the draft, in theory, is great but finding synergistic pieces is just as important.  Keep even the old great suns teams in mind, Barkley wasn't drafted but he certainly helped.  I would put Smith in his class, dominant power forward from the east in his prime, but let's say the Suns do get a high pick and grab a franchise guy.  Kelly Olynyk comes to mind as a nice fit.  We still have a ways to go with Gortat who doesn't seem to want to become that franchise guy and Dudley who is everyone's favorite 6th man.  Dragic is the real deal, I don't see anyone arguing with that and Beasley is 24 and has a world of talent but beyond that the team is full of role players, the have been's and never were's.  Bring in Josh Smith and draft a solid prospect.  Clear room for Eric Gordon or JJ Redick in the offseason and we have a solid starting 5.  Playoff worthy after a year of rebuilding if Beasley wakes up...Which I really think he will sooner than later.  So that's Dragic, Gordon/Redick, Beasley, Smith, and Olynyk.  Come on.  That's a lot of ability to score for a team that has always been focused on a drive and kick style offense and solid inside presence with a big time shot blocker in Smith.  I've never been a huge Smith fan but his stats don't lie.  The guy can dominate a game and when you look at the great Suns teams, what do you see?  Amare, Barkley, Chambers, Hawkins...  We haven't been around long but that seems to be the formula.  I'll take Smith alongside Dragic, Beasley, and a franchise pick and let them take us to the finals in the next 3-5 years.             

2 years, 2 months ago on 4-on-4: Discussing the Phoenix Suns trade rumors