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I don't know about everybody else but to me this is the best news I've read all year next to the S4 release.. I can't wait to have this, I miss BBM, If I'm allowed to have a PIN and get on Crackberry and give it out and talk to random people all over the world again this will be awesome. I've talked to people from all over the world (Saudi Arabia, Japan, S. Korea to name a few) on BBM and honestly no other service (What's app etc) can compare to BBM. Plus I believe BBM was an encrypted highly secure messaging platform. You can not say the same for other messaging clients. This will be amazing I'm excited (Only if I can have a PIN though and it's exactly the same as BBM on Blackberry)


1 year, 11 months ago on BlackBerry Announces Support For BlackBerry Messenger On Android 4.0 Devices And Above


What I love about the HTC One is the fact that the bootloader can be unlocked, this will give me the ability to work on my dream which is ROM and app development. I really just wanna develop for Android, I've been buying books and reading several Android forums to improve my knowledge on Android and with this phone I'll be able to achieve that dream.. Thank you for your consideration. If chosen I can be reached at

1 year, 11 months ago on (Update: Contest Over!) Win A HTC One From And AT&T, In 20 Words Or Less


@ecarter1985 HTC & LG, who is that?? I totally agree with you man..

2 years, 1 month ago on Wall Street Journal: Samsung's Explosive Android Growth Concerns Google Execs


Well with the government trying to ban guns and all the chaos that will ensue over lets say the next 5-10 years, this will be a great watch to not only add to my survival kit I'm building, but to wear as an everyday watch as I practice my survival and endurance skills. This watch has all the necessary gadgets I need on my wrist to help me navigate through the wood and mountain terrain that I plan to take refuge with my family until things calm down.. What I plan on using the watch for would also be a good selling point and possible commercial cause when things get tough you need a tough watch to help get you through tough times.. This isn't a watch that you keep clean this is a watch you use like a 4x4 when it's time to get dirty.. In other words this is the perfect watch, I need this baby.. It'll help me cut down on the gadgets I need to carry... 

2 years, 2 months ago on GIVEAWAY: Casio ProTrek PRG550 Watch


Already running CM 10.1 on my OG Note loving it

2 years, 2 months ago on Original Galaxy Note Getting Jelly Bean And New Nature UX