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Even though one is in a position as a second class citizen and considered as performing the capacities of a public office during the time they operate a motor vehicle, a crime such as indicated in this article ought to be properly adjudicated.  The title of "Driver", the position of the cop as "officer", the registered motor vehicle and the Federal Reserve Notes, all of which are elemental to this incident are all within the federal jurisdiction. 

2 years, 1 month ago on Tennessee Legislature Set To Talk About Police Piracy Of Motorists


Even if the STATE OF UTAH signs this bill into law, the Federal government will retain the power to enforce the Federal regulations which UTAH seeks to nullify because THE UNITED STATES has jurisdiction over all of its statutory citizens regardless of where they may reside. So, those claiming to be statutory citizens of the United States, such as those having and using a Social Security number or those having trade or business effectively connected with The United States remain under the jurisdiction of The United States regardless of where they may reside. No state law can override a federal law's jurisdiction over a statutorily founded citizen of The United States.  Were one to be a citizen of Utah and one without trade or business in the United States, they ought to prevail against The United States attempts to enforce Federal law over them if the court follows the constitution and so long as that man or woman does not reside in a Federal territory or State of the United States ( of which the fifty Union states are not a part) or in Washington D.C. 


So, operationally, this statute of THE STATE OF UTAH, I believe, is not a sustainable defense in a Federal action brought against a statutory citizen of The United States who resides in Utah.  


As for the government "taking our rights".  That is an impossibility and to attempt to do so is a criminal act.  Gun regulations enforced on statutory citizens of The United States (read as:  voluntary slaves) may be as oppressive or exclusionary as congress deems appropriate, and for no cause needing to be stated.  Statutory citizens of the United States have no rights which they may exercise against the dominion of congressional legislation. Only Union state citizens who are without trade or business in the United States and are domiciled outside of the lands over which Congress has jurisdiction may exercise constitutionally protected rights.   

2 years, 1 month ago on 2nd Amendment Preservation Act Passes Utah House, 49-17 – Tenth Amendment Center Blog


NEVER FORGET THIS. . . a police officer is under no obligation to act on your behalf, he is not obligated to defend you or your property.  He is immune from prosecution for his failure to act.  He is, however, fully liable for all acts committed outside of this official capacity, and pulling his gun to defend you is not an official compulsory act. Pulling his gun and defending you is, I believe, an act defensible under the 2nd amendment and one undertaken by him or her in their personal capacity.  The STATEs have this information codified within their statutes under the torts and liabilities section.  It is as plain as day and is there to protect the STATE (corporate character government) from the acts of persons under its employ.  Police owe no duty to defend you. 

2 years, 2 months ago on In Chicago, Land of Liberal Gun Control, 911 is Made Impotent