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Look, unless we convince people that there is a real problem, then nothing is going to happen, we will plunge into a massive depression and basically government slavery will follow.  People are stupid and THAT is the problem.  I was so confident in the last election.  We can vote in Ron Paul, people are NOT stupid enough to reelect a Socialist Dictator hell bent on bankrupting our country.  But the prophetic words of Ron came to fruition, they have 47% of us not paying taxes, dependent on the government for all of their basic needs.  Worthless lazy scum bottom feeding leeches and they voted him back in.  We have no voice, our only choice is to band together, all move to a region and succeed from the USA, become a Nation of minimal taxes, separate from the California and New York, a place where our voices will be heard again.  Right now we are worthless Pathetic unorganized dissenters with small businesses or hard working individuals that still want our freedom.  We need to organize and get out!!

1 year, 5 months ago on How to Stop the Federal Government