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Do you think racing games or video game simulators can give an advantage to drivers before entering a race?

6 days, 18 hours ago on Ask A Tame Racing Driver Anything You Like!


I don't mind the horsepower wars because it pushes the sport forward even though it does suck for privateers like Taka. I don't agree with motor swapping though, at least keep engines from the same manufacture. Maybe FD can help lower HP cars by letting them use really sticky compound tires or making massive HP cars have less sticky tires.  

1 week, 5 days ago on What Do You Think About The Horsepower Wars?


I have a few I want to ask:

1. From Miura's beginnings to present day, what does he think were the most significant improvements he has seen or worked with when creating body parts?

2. Also if there are still difficulties or hurdles that can still be improved on to create body parts?

3. Does he see any new trends or styles developing in the future for body kits?

Thanks for this opportunity Speedhunters and Mr. Miura, Jcali.

2 weeks, 6 days ago on Mr. Rocket Bunny Is Taking Your Questions


So hyped for this. I'm going to Formula D this year hope to see Aasbo slide around in this beast. The RB aggressive styling will match his sledge hammer style. So cool!!!

On a side note, wish scion would just give us the AWD version of the TC like they had in other countries.   

3 weeks, 2 days ago on Suits Racing. Aasbø and Rocket Bunny Mean Business!