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It has been an interesting 2 and half years since Delany announced expansion. It has been at times, more interesting than football itself.

With yourself, Frank the Tank, and TexasBucknut, you all have had GREAT insite.

Being in BIG Country as I'm sure it is in the SEC, it is in a way sad to see the regional cultures and traditions being trampled upon.

But, we know money talks.

To me it has been a Delany-Slive partnership for the future. Carving up the East, ACC, and B12. These men know what they're doing.

More importantly, they know when to do it. Along with the Pac12, They will control they're own futures. TV, Money, and rules. Say Goodbye to the NCAA.

Keep up the good wrk MR. SEC.


2 years, 2 months ago on Which Conference Will Win The Realignment War? It Depends On Your Definition Of “Win”