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Age cannot be a factor in the decision to hire a coach, although I have seen many commentators bring this up as a factor to be considered.  To use age as a factor to pass over Kim Anderson would be a violation of the ADEA.

1 day, 20 hours ago on Missouri Might Go Back In Time With Anderson (Not That One)


If Alden blows this hire then you can be assured that the Mizzou Nation will be calling for his scalp.  The Haith hire came out of left field and most of us were like "Frank Who?" and looked at his Miami record and just scratched our collective heads.  Just prior to that Alden had been seriously played by Jim Delany and almost landed us in an untenable situation, but recovered with the SEC move.  Alden probably should have been fired with Quin Snyder for the way he handled Snyder's departure.  I'd say he is on the AD "hot seat" and the Kim Anderson hire would win him more than a few points with the really faithful of the Mizzou faithful, but the razzle dazzle "faithful" will raise cain that he did not offer Gregg Marshall enough money to make the move.  If Alden hires someone like Matt Painter, which he is prone to do, watch the feathers fly in CoMo.

1 day, 23 hours ago on Missouri Might Go Back In Time With Anderson (Not That One)


Although he was passed over by Alden for the Quin Snyder hire the Mizzou faithful will still support Kim Anderson, a former Norm Stewart assistant, in a big way; however it is a long shot for any Stewart disciple to get hired by Alden.  Alden's B-ball hires have been less than stellar.  Snyder was a train wreck, Mike Anderson was debacle and Frank Haith was just a poor fit all the way around. It will probably take the program three years to recover and become relevant no matter who is hired.

5 days, 20 hours ago on When It Comes To SEC Basketball Jobs, Who’s Better And Who’s Best?