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I'm in college for journalism. I understand and accept that my profession might lead me to ESPN, as well as understanding that it might NOT take me to ESPN.

I agree with the majority of this post. I'm on the Internet anyway if I want my sports news, so that's no problem. Those specialized NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL/soccer channels, understandably, are too rich for my ramen-eating budget. But yes, SportsCenter isn't about highlights as much as it is about hype and market, and YES, that draws more eyeballs than "Oh hey, we have Diamondbacks vs. Pirates highlights for you right now."

(interesting point: I see the majority of complaints about SportsCenter are coming from baseball and hockey fans. I'm right, right?)

1 year ago on Shaking my head at SportsCenter


He said "football" and that threw me off so hard. Lmfao

1 year, 5 months ago on Here's Gus Johnson's first goal call for Fox Soccer | February | 2013