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I'm surprised they did not ask for a sample license considering how many artists have sampled Marvin gaye music not to mention George Clinton music. I just listened to all 3 songs and there is no doubt that these songs were copied. Robin thicke is nobody and he will fade just like every other supposed summer hit of the last few years.

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LOL are you kidding me? what kind of article is this? .... since when is it ok to have a depleted farm system??? NEVER, last time i checked you had joe Blanton on your roster, that in it'self is a reason to have 3 pitchers lined up in your minors!  CJ wilson could flame out again like last year also are you considering injuries and also mid season trade needs??? Angels sure are familiar with trading their farm aways for players that end up leaving them after the season i.e. texeira and Greinke to name a few. The angels need to stop trading their a$$ away at the trade deadline every season, they should address needs int eh offseason. they had a shot at resigning greinke and they bailed on him they didnt even call Kyle Loshe. intead they depend on Tommy "John" Hanson and Joe Blanton really? the braves gave up on a pitcher, what does that tell you about Hanson?  oh forgot to mention Madsen just had a set back but no you don't need quality in your minors at all. 

1 year, 7 months ago on Addressing complaints about the Angels farm system