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This is awesome. U guys are awesome! Ive been a huge fan of Chris eversince he came out in public. That story about Ventura, who gives a shit. I have high respect for Chris and dont give a fuck what really happened, if Chris said he did this & that, I believe him. Ron Pauls statement about his passing was a piece of stinking dog shit. That guy is gay & doesnt have balls to face an enemy like these special operators did. I love Chris. What he did to his country was extremely heroic and is something to be remembered as long as I live. Im not an American myself but I know some people who were present in that 9/11 horrific tragedy. For that, id like to say thank u to the man who saved so mny lives, Chris and the rest of the US Military.

2 years, 2 months ago on Tribute to Chris Kyle: Respect & Honor (Part 1 of 2)


I may be out of line here and forgive me... I was also thinking the same thing, for 1 second there I thought "The Shooter" was MB coz thats what its stated in NED, he was the 2nd man on the 3rd flr and now "The Shooter" claimed hes the one who tapped the Pointmans shoulder and took the 3shots that killed UBL. Uhmmm guys, I extremely adore you as being this Invincible - G.I Joe - Captain America man, the most elite military group on the face of the planet, I really do but what the f*** is goin on here?! The storys already written in the book and even shown in the movie, theres no point of secrecy here. With all due respect, I believe people deserve to be told about the truth this time. I still have high respect for the SEAL community. These men have done a tremendous job that none of us can do. But some guys gotta start learning to shut up. Last time I checked, these gentlemen are supposed to be the silent professionals, unless that just changed... then I should be the one to shut up now :-)

2 years, 2 months ago on UBL Shooter Should Maintain Some Professional Dignity


Smiled all throughout the video. Cried at the end of the video. Still not over it... :-(

2 years, 2 months ago on Navy SEAL Hazing, with Chris Kyle