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"Tango9 - we've reached a time where I fear my own government more than I fear any foreign nation."


Many of us reached that  conclusion decades ago. In 1972 Pogo proclaimed "We have met the enemy and it is us". Prior to that, my time up close and personal with the military had me convinced.


I haven't read the 'definitive report' on Benghazi but I already see some gaping holes in the reviews.


Jack and Brandon, If you want to be taken seriously by anyone other than your loyal  camp followers, and you acknowledge that this was a covert CIA operation involved in nefarious activities, you can't let the head of the CIA off the hook . Either he is an, ineffective, moron or a snake who slipped through the cracks after purposely leaking his sexual activities that everyone already knew about. Dick sucking is no excuse to slip out of the picture and disappear in the wake of four dead souls in Benghazi, a mission he was in charge of. He's not an innocent bystander. Maybe an incompetent bystander, but make no mistake, he's in the thick of it even if its way beyond capability.


I have some respect for you guys when I see you swim against the current to support your position and I know you put your life on the line to fight for our country. But you drank the cool aid and its hard to step back and take an objective look after spending so many years and so much time training and being indoctrinated into a system that has you and all your friends taking a bullet for the government no questions asked.


 Don't cover for a general who spent  his career sucking his way up the beltway and spent a few years inside the wire engaging in covert penetration with his "biographer".


Do I understand correctly that you'd like your readers to buy into your theory that he was innocently set up, and just happened to go away, never to be mentioned again, right in the midst of the Benghazi Hearings because he got taken advantage by a dirty little camp follower? Dudes, the willing suspension of disbelief just isn't happening with logical thinkers. You might get some support from  groupies but they are mainly spinning a feedback loop that after a wile begins to turn to butter like in  Little Black Sambo.


You may know a lot of guys who have opinions and I don't fault them for trying to make sense out of the ludicrous failure known as Benghazi  but  the buck stops at the top of the CIA,. This organization gets away with anything, especially when they have no oversight, are forever hiding behind the veil of national security and their leader ducks out  after a blow job never to be heard of again. What kind of guy turns and runs away in the midst of determining why there were needless deaths of 4 brave, patriotic heroes? Put yourself in his place. Would you have the balls to give testimony even when your testicles were sucked up into your abdomen? I would and I'm not a general.

2 years, 2 months ago on Benghazi: The Definitive Report