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95. Atmosphere – Like hip-hop, but for boring people.

96. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals - If mayonnaise was a band.

Exactly right on both counts.

3 months ago on Joining us at Bonnaroo? Here are all 98 bands ranked by whether you should see them or not


@feelmystank @iMikeZero  I think he is getting at exposure or something.  But, new artist too should stay away from Spotify.  Yeah it sucks people are going to steal errrr copy right infringe your stuff but you have to accept it and work in the only business model that is proven.  That is not only to ignore these streaming sites but don't unbundle your album either. The valley is worse to artist then even the shadiest record exec in the early 60s ever was.  At least the artist got a Cadillac.

Oh and where are all the new biz model bros that pop up to bitch about the ebil labels and studios and that love to talk about horses and buggies?  Spotify cant make money shouldn't they get a new business model that creates profits at some point?

5 months, 2 weeks ago on No, Taylor Swift doesn’t owe Spotify anything


@rbottoms  Yes, I cant think of another field where the CEO class actually thinks they are the public intellectuals in the mold of ancient Athens. Sure they write their business books but no one cares what they think the future of civil society is.  These clowns really think they are that important.  

And of course there is Tech as religion.   If you don't believe Valley tech will solve all problems and disruption is the greatest good work well then you are a luddite.  Nothing good was ever invented outside of the Valley in this history of human kind except Amazon. 

6 months, 3 weeks ago on Today in “Peter Thiel says things.” Does society really hate tech?


@mkohlmyr  He is the one that took the company public with all the good and bad that entails.  He is the one that lied or overstated the ability of the car not to catch on fire. 

9 months, 2 weeks ago on Tesla shareholder suit claims Elon Musk and other board members lied about car safety


Weintraub seems to have had this lawsuit ready in case the first 3 fires where not isolated and after this past weekend its a good thing too.  2 different fires after 2 different types of accidents. 

9 months, 2 weeks ago on Tesla shareholder suit claims Elon Musk and other board members lied about car safety


Trent Reznor and Tom Yorke are now the two most pro industry artist you will find.  They where the "success" stories of the modern patronage model. 

1 year, 2 months ago on How should musicians get paid? Like Beethoven did: Patronage


This is rich coming from Google.  This is the same company that drove cars around taking all of the unsecured data from wifi that it could.  I am more scared of google then of the NSA.

1 year, 2 months ago on Google blasts out email in support of today’s “The Day We Fight Back” protest against the NSA


Why no House of Cards?  The show had a bidding war that involved HBO, Showtime and Netflix which Netflix ultimately won by over bidding and not taking a cut from Disk sales.  

Major media might die but they did the right thing on the way down.  Netflix has basically no margins and it will only get worse after overbidding for Disney first window content.  Without raising their prices and probably to a fairly significant degree they will never be profitable. 

1 year, 2 months ago on Netflix and the self-inflicted demise of major media


Don't forget about all the hidden subsidizes such as the write off for entertainment which is the only reason the club and box seats sell.  The way deprecation works on player contracts which makes buying a team a huge write off.   

1 year, 2 months ago on Is John Elway calling for the NFL to lose its subsidies?


This is nothing new even the B1G office publically stated they did homework on something like 20 schools during the time they added Nebraska.  Vandy was one of the schools leaked before the Nebraska add.  I am sure that there are a few other schools the B1G looked at in the SEC too namely UF.  Just because they did their homework does not mean that either side was every close to thinking it was a possibility.  But if UF was willing of course the B1G or any other conference would listen. 

1 year, 11 months ago on Sources: The Big Ten Did Expansion “Homework” On Vanderbilt, Kansas & Oklahoma


This reminds me of what happened in Baseball where Veeck warned owners to get in front of free agency before the courts did.  And this is likely to happen in this case of O'Bannon v NCAA.  You propose a remedy right now and the courts will bend over backwards to give it a chance force the courts to deal with the remedy and the schools are not going to like the results. 

 A stipend and some other minor rule changes that really will not cost the schools all that much and nothing really changes.  Now imagine the court rules that players are allowed to individually bargain for a package see how cheap that ends up being.  Right now the NCAA does not take kindly to legal representation of high school athletes wait until the courts open this can of worms. 

2 years ago on As Opposition To Stipends Increases, So Too Do The Chances Of A New Subdivision In College Sports


 @JRsec  @Seanbo

 Going by the leak and other rumors of what the new SEC deal looks like the T1/2 deal did not have a significant jump in revenue for SEC schools.  When its actually officially announced it might be a competently different story but I can only go by the information that is out there.  CBS fought giving more money and the leak shows they gave just a slight per school bump with the expansion.  Adding FSU, Texas or OU would most likely change CBS tune to some degree but UNC is not going to be the A side for their pick in the near future.  Again when they announce there might be a huge surprise.  The bigger issue is the SEC has to work with in the framework of existing contracts and because of this does not have leverage while the B1G is about to go to market where it has all of the leverage.  The B1G will be able to entertain bids from Fox, ESPN/ABC and NBC/Comcast.  Fox and NBC/Comcast both are or have started sports channels that aim to go after ESPN and need content.  ESPN cant afford to lose B1G content as its a huge money maker for them and they don't want Fox or NBC to have the content to compete against them.  Basically B1G hit the lottery in terms of timing while the ACC contract came up at the worst possible time.   


As for the demographic talk its not the south in general that is growing in population compared to the B1G states its the Atlantic Seaboard and Texas that are growing.  States like KY, AR, AL, MS, and LA have a growth rate similar to that of the B1G states and less overall growth because B1G states in average are larger to begin with. 


The culture you are speaking of is fan culture which is of minor importance.  What matter is campus culture more specifically do schools share a vision of what they want from their universities.  The B1G schools for example are all large research centers.  The schools that most would say are desirable like UNC, VT, GT, UVA, Duke, and even FSU are all large research centers.  But even using your version of culture FSU which is probably the most SEC school on the surface actually recruits more non athletic students from the Midwest then it does from the non Atlantic SEC states.  Illinois alone sends more students year in year out then Mississippi and Alabama together and those 2 states boarder Florida and fairly close to Tallahassee.  Michigan would be the state that sent the most kids to FSU if it was in the SEC behind GA and Texas.  In the B1G Michigan is 6th in sending kids to FSU. 


There are reasons schools that have a choice might very well end up in the SEC.  The point I am trying to make though is the SEC is not in control and would have to make an awesome pitch to overcome what the B1G can offer. 

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Ten To Add More Conference Games; Is This Another Lure For UVA, GT, UNC And Duke?



 It does not work like that for anyone where they can just chose to go on their own terms or pick schools on their own terms well except Big East schools.  There is nothing to indicate that UNC is anything but happy in the current ACC and for that matter even with all the chatter that GT and UVA are talking to the B1G it very well might be do we have a place if the ACC falls apart.  Most of the schools in the ACC are actually happy in the ACC.  The schools in the ACC recruit their OOS regular students from the footprint for the most part.  After graduation if a student leaves its mostly to areas in the footprint.  The ACC sponsors a lot of sports and overall is very competitive with the Pac for the directors cup. 


With that out of the way and assuming that schools are going to leave many have several choices while some are limited.  If forced the presidents of the ACC would all rather go to the B1G over the SEC.  This is not to insult the SEC in anyway but the simple fact is the B1G has a name brand academic reputation that is world wide in academic circles.  The B1G offers the CIC which while its benefits tend to get overblow in expansion talk still has value to the schools.  The B1G sponsors more sports and the indications are they are willing to add some important sports to mid Atlantic schools.  The biggest plus for the SEC over the B1G is baseball but the B1G schools have spent and are spending a ton to upgrade their facilities.  Football is a wash because Michigan or Alabama you are selling out at premium pricing.  And of course there is the straight cash homey.  The B1G already has a successful and profitable conference owned network after the vesting period a school is good to go.  The SEC has not made the details public yet of its network and even if everything goes perfectly (which it won't) it will still take years for it to hit current BTN numbers just because of the nature of the footprint.  The B1G also is about to have its T1/2 rights go on the market where they can have multiple bidders while the SEC has to go back to CBS and ESPN to ask for more money.  


The SEC very well might land its dream expansion candidates but at this point they are the second choice for the ACC presidents if they move at all.   

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Ten To Add More Conference Games; Is This Another Lure For UVA, GT, UNC And Duke?


 @Roggespierre  @SouthernBoiSB  @JRsec  @AllTideUp

 This on the LHN.  The rumor is ESPN is shopping now at or below cost and not getting bites from the big cable providers.  There just is not enough content to make it worthwhile.  The BTN was able to grow faster then the NFL network because the BTN had content almost year round.

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Ten To Add More Conference Games; Is This Another Lure For UVA, GT, UNC And Duke?


 @SouthernBoiSB  @JRsec  @AllTideUp


 Travel issues are a bit overblown.  Sure you travel in your revenue sports but sports like Golf, Tennis, Sand Volleyball, Swimming etc are done mostly at meets with regional schools that might or might not be in your conference.  Usually its only the conference tournament or finals that is the only in conference meet. 

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Ten To Add More Conference Games; Is This Another Lure For UVA, GT, UNC And Duke?




If the most important rule is think like a president the second most important rule is no body wants to go to the B12. 


But to bring this back to the more general the Big 10 is in control because the Big 10 offers the most across the board that make University presidents happy.  The CIC, academic prestige, sponsors the most sports, the most exposure, and of course they will have the most money by far once their T1/2 deal goes out to bid for 2016 and can go on the open market.  This is not to take away from the SEC at all they are the clear 2nd choice if not the 1b choice for ACC schools that are either looking or forced to leave.


The B12 on the other hand is the last choice and Dr Barron president of FSU email laid out the reasons why.  The B12 could offer FSU tomorrow and even say pick you 5 bffs and the answer would be we will get back to you until Delaney and Silve file a restraining order. 




2 years, 2 months ago on Big Ten To Add More Conference Games; Is This Another Lure For UVA, GT, UNC And Duke?



 Gong to 9 or 10 is not adding games its changing the make up of the games.  Currently the B1G has 8 B1G games plus 4 OOC games.  This would just change it to 9 or 10 B1G games and 3 or 2 OOC games.  For schools like Illinois or IU this makes sense as playing Michigan more often is a bigger deal then playing a similar brand level OOC.

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Ten To Add More Conference Games; Is This Another Lure For UVA, GT, UNC And Duke?


 @Roggespierre  @JRsec

 I think the AAU screwed up and its supposed to be UM Baltimore not Baltimore County.  Looking at more recent fed research numbers its Baltimore that has the 300 plus million in fed dollars as well as it being a Med School.  

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Ten To Add More Conference Games; Is This Another Lure For UVA, GT, UNC And Duke?


 @Roggespierre  @JRsec

 A bit more on UAB they have 2 of 9 areas where they rank in the top 50 in fed funding both life sciences. 

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Ten To Add More Conference Games; Is This Another Lure For UVA, GT, UNC And Duke?


 @Roggespierre  @JRsec

 The AAU list I have only goes to 126 (top 130 schools but ties as you can see).  The list was made when Cuse was still a member but they are not included in that top 130.  In FY 2010 they only did 33.8 million in federal research.  Its very likely they would not make the top 150 or even 200 in the AAU formula.  VPI in FY 2010 162 million for a point of reference GT and BU the 2 newest members did almost twice as much.  Note I am talking fed dollars as this is the biggest weight for AAU.  Utah did 227. 


VPI is no doubt moving up and getting closer I think they would need to do about another 75 million in fed dollars to have a real chance. 



If you want to look for the list the title I have it under and I don't believe I changed it is UNLAAU.pdf

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Ten To Add More Conference Games; Is This Another Lure For UVA, GT, UNC And Duke?


 @Roggespierre  @Jimisawesome  @JRsec

 UAB wont get an invite because there research dollars are almost exclusively med research.  While med research is extremely important research needs to be more well rounded then just 1 field.  I could be 100 percent wrong here but I always had the impression that UAB undergrad was more commuter school which will not help their case. 



I have the leak of the Nebraska AAU report on PDF (its fairly hard but not impossible to find around the internet) that has the internal ranking by the AAU with their 2005-2007 rankings.  The rankings should not be hugely different to now.


The rankings of schools that are not currently AAU go like this


37 Dartmouth College

40 UAB

43 Tufts

43 Maryland-Baltimore County (I know little about them and I don't understand their ranking given the inputs)

49 Utah

52 UC Santa Cruz

57 Wake Forrest

59 Miami (FL)

61 UI Chicago- Another case of med school dominated research

62 Cincinnati

67 Oregon State

I am going to skip to just FBS schools of note from now on

79 U Hawaii

81 UConn

87 ASU

87 USF again a case of med school dominated research


91 VPI


91 OU

94 FSU

94 lowest ranked current AAU (they don't give the name of AAU schools my guess KU)

96 Louisville

96 UK

99 Notre Dame

100 Ole Miss

109 Nebraska when they got kicked out for a point of reference

110 UGA

112 LSU

123 KState

123 Clemson


2 years, 2 months ago on Big Ten To Add More Conference Games; Is This Another Lure For UVA, GT, UNC And Duke?



 I do see AAU politics and politics in general playing a role in the B1G decisions.  The B1G only has 1 school that is even near the bottom tier of AAU schools with IU the rest are solidly to the top of the AAU ladder.  The schools closest to the Nebraska/Cuse line is Kansas and Iowa State. 


UGA is not really close to AAU status.  The next 2 FBS schools in line for an AAU invite look to be Utah and Miami. 

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Ten To Add More Conference Games; Is This Another Lure For UVA, GT, UNC And Duke?