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" Personally, I’ll take the guy who wins, says nothing at the postgame presser, and then flaps his gums with his team behind closed doors.  The games already hold my interest without the ginned up sideshow."

Totally agree, John.  I think the group you mention that want a "WWE" like behavior relative to college football are the same folks that have never stepped foot on the campus of the team they pull for.    If you're into trash talking and all that kind of behavior you probably aren't the sharpest tool in the shed.   Bielema managed to make himself look like a douche before his team has even won a game yet.   I wonder if Bielema will feel embarrassed while shaking hands at mid field with Saban after getting rocked for four quarters. 

Is there anyone in the college football world that would pick Bielema to be their coach over CNS ?   Arky fans would toss Bielema to the wolves for an opportunity to get CNS.   So would anyone else with any sense.    CNS  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Bielema... seriously.   lol

2 years ago on Saban Won’t Bite On Bielema’s Comment, While Some Say College Football Needs More Trash Talk


1.  The players were dismissed immediately pending the investigation to determine their fate.  (so there was immediate action)


2.  Dont hold "Bama Fans" to the same standard as someone like CNS or a university.   Maybe some fans would not have said anything if CNS dismissed them immediately, but that doesnt change the fact that doing so could have possibly lead to a legal problem.  (why are we debating this ?  It seems like common sense to me that taking the time to let due process run its course is the best/safest course of action for all involved.)  Hopefully those fans that would not have minded an immediate expulsion learned from how UA/CNS handled the situation.  


3.   Does anyone really want to argue that CNS doesnt know how to handle his business properly ?    Do you want to believe that you know how to handle team matters better than the best college football coach of this era ?   I hope not as this could point to a medical or psychological problem you may be experiencing.  (just joking you're all entitled to your opinions)


4.   You have to perform a certain amount of due diligence relative to sensitive situations like these to make sure you are not making any mistakes that would lead to future legal problems.   Every major institution whether it be a fortune 500 company, universities, or the military have their own type of due process that they use to handle situations like these.   It is not something limited to our legal system like you seem to believe.  Sure the terminology may change, but the principle of due process remains the same.    The principle of due process is very important to a civilized society.   (at least IMO, and I hope most would agree)    


5.  I am glad that UA/ CNS handled the matter in a very responsible way, and even treated the thugs with a certain amount respect by allowing due process to run its course.  It is a good model for others to use.  I have no idea why anyone would second guess how they handled the situation.   I hope all of you that wanted blood less than 24 hours after the incident never find yourselves caught in a legal matter that could change your life, and not get the common decency of a fair hearing/trial.   (yes they confessed, but you never know what information may come forth during an investigation to change the way you perceive what actually happened.)


6.  I am happy that all four players were expelled.   I am happy it didnt take long to serve the justice.  I am not for teams allowing thugs like this to hang around after a serious offense.  I believe anyone that is stupid enough to jeopardize free rent, free food, and a free college education by committing violent crimes obviously needs to have their scholly given to another more worthy individual.    I thought Jordan Jefferson and other members of the LSU gang should have been expelled after they assaulted that marine.    I think UA nailed this situation.  They treated the thugs with respect even though they deserved none, and then dismissed them permanently unlike what some other schools have done in the past.    



2 years, 1 month ago on Question: How Many Bama Fans Would Have Called For Due Process If Saban Had Acted Immediately?


Like I tried to explain to the lynch mob here after the first article... due process has to run its course.    For all of you convinced that you know how to run a program better than CNS (with all the "they should have done it this way" talk) feel free to slap yourselves back to reality any time now. CNS is the best in the business, and you are all making yourselves look silly by second guessing how he handles his business.   (seriously... the man wins one championship after the other I think he knows better than anyone here how to handle his team)


The bottom line is UA conducted a very thorough and responsible investigation, and justice was served.     Looking forward to owning all you haters again this fall as Alabama makes history with their third national title in a row.     


Sincerely TBfromWoolly 

2 years, 1 month ago on All 4 Alabama Football Players Arrested Earlier This Month Dismissed


Like I said... due process.    If institutions did not responsibly handle situations like these they could potentially become the targets of lawsuits.    Some of these players played a larger role in this fiasco, and one of them may not have played a role at all.   They have all obtained lawyers so the information will not come out as to exactly who did what until the hearings take place.   The people in charge understand that a certain amount of due diligence is necessary in situations like these.   You cant permanently dismiss all four until you have all the facts, and have covered all your bases.   When the truth has all come out, and it is understood what each individuals role was then you will see quick and swift justice.        



Williams, Tyler Hayes and D.J. Pettway have been interim suspended from the university and barred from campus pending a UA judicial review expected to be completed by the end of next week, said Deborah Lane, University of Alabama assistant vice president of university relations, in a statement Thursday.









2 years, 2 months ago on Alabama Suspends Four Arrested Players


Its called due process, Mr. Pennington.    Surely you have heard of it before correct ?     CNS nor UA are entitled to strip these idiots of their rights.   They have been suspended until the investigation has run its course, and then they will be gone indefinitely.    Crack a book sometime, bro... how could you seriously be unaware of due process ?     Or maybe you were looking to stir the pot to get some attention ?   (I am not sure which truth would be more embarrassing)     CNS is a helluva man that does a lot of good for a lot of people.    I have never understood the people that try to smear his name somehow.     CNS will handle this appropriately.   

2 years, 2 months ago on Alabama Suspends Four Arrested Players