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I seriously do not understand why nearly every journalist gaming site has decide that anyone who dislikes something that a developer or publisher decides to push, is either entitled or childish.

At any rate, back to the subject at hand the new Devil May Cry title.

While, the new look of Dante is purley asthetic, it lies at th heart of a much larger problem. I belive at the core, the newanuces that the orginal fanbase came to know and love from the pre-reboot series have changed the game enough so that one could arguably no longer even call it a Devil May Cry game.

Sure subtleties like the new hair color, re-design of the character, varied music choices, and new voice actors were annoying at first, but the fans could get over them if the rest of the game was well grounded in the series. The much larger problem lies in core changes; to the combat system, to the difficulty of the game, to the dropping frame rate etc. . .

These changes were certainly interesting ideas, but really did not seem to work well in the game series and it is because of this that I believe the fans of the original series dislike the reboot.

I would have been much more keen on seeing Ninja Theory create their own series with new characters, rather attempt, yet fail miserably at recreating pre-exsiting ones.

Personally, after playing the demo I decided that the game that was created no longer appeals to me but of course I am just one person.

2 years, 2 months ago on DmC: Devil May Cry – Second Opinion


reboots aren't necessarily good or bad, but from a business perspective I believe most reboots do not want to alienate their core audience.  Something that DmC: Devil May Cry did to an insurmountable degree.  A much better reboot, in my opinion, was X com enemy unknown; proving both that the series could still be updated with a modern take without sacrificing the core audience.

2 years, 2 months ago on Reboots Are Good For Gaming