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Damn jordan jocking bron colors now smgdh

2 years ago on Air Jordan V Retro GS – Black – Bright Citrus – Fusion Pink


I almost bout a pair last year for 400 dollars but i didnt and now they dropping this year getting like 3 pair

2 years ago on Nike Air Huarache 2013 Preview


Man if yall thing this years all star pack is better, U crazy last yeah pack went out the box and made a sick combo of kicks, this year was pertty much a copy of last yeah wit no spice, what is that on the barkleys suppose to be the foams of this year lol the only 72 i give is the max is the tuffest one out of this year pack. But this year is still a must have cause they the latest kicks so thats my opinion

2 years, 1 month ago on Nike All-Star Battle: Area 72 vs. Galaxy