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 @DanielSaccomando you are right also see the 2nd Admendment of the Bill of  Right,s A well Regulated Militia ,being nessary to the security of a free state ,the right of the peoplee to keep and bear arms ,shall NOT Be Infringed.           what Part of Not Be Infringed.Do our Repersinatives Not Understand in the Webster Dictionary states  to break off break ,impair,violate,to brake a law or agreement ) fail to observe the terms of; violate,infringe on or upon to break in on encroach or trespass on. (the rights, patents,ect.of others.)in otherwards not to Change add to or Take away from W e the peoples Rights   now lets deal with the Webster,s Dictionary Meaning of What the word Militia means the Defanition is in reality 2 typs #1 milidia a

) Military service ,Soldiery militis) a soldier orig any military force later any army composed of Citizens Rather than professional soldiers called out in time of emergency  in the U S all able-bodied Male citizens Between 18 and 45 years old who are not already members of the Regular Armed Forces members of the National Guard and of the reserves of the Army Airforce Coast Guard Navy and Marine Corps constitute the organized Militia all others ,the Unorganized Militia /Militia /Man (Man) .

2 years, 2 months ago on Franklin County, Indiana Passes 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance