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I don't think that game came down to calls. I thought Florida just won it outright with a lot of great plays. Carleton was unable to effectively guard Brodie Smith. I also thought the bad calls and infractions went both ways, having reviewed the footage pretty carefully. Carleton fouled a lot on the mark (and earned some TMFs as a result), way more than Florida did. Both teams made some incorrect travel calls and some weak, ticky-tack travel calls. I think stronger enforcement through the Misconduct System (TMFs & PMFs) is important to help players a) mark legally and b) only make legitimate travel calls.

I encourage anyone who has strong anti-Florida or anti-Carleton feelings after that game to review the footage to get a better understanding of how the misbehavior was actually balanced or unbalanced.

4 years, 4 months ago on USA Ultimate College Championships – Too Many Calls Being Made