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Nice write up. Having driven all three generations of Exige, the S3 is certainly the most grown up, the most muscular and probably the closest experience to a Porsche GT3 out there. The S1 really was a stripped-out track warrior more akin to a motorcycle than a car. Brilliant as a toy, frustratingly brilliant to own.

The S2 never quite hit the mark really, it was little different to the Elise initially and was a bit too heavy until the 240bhp variants came out.

The S3 is heavier again, but with that engine, it fits, and gives the chassis the punch it deserves.

For me, nothing will make me part with my S1, but I've never wanted to own an S2. However, I'd love an S3, which speaks volumes about what a brilliant car it is. It's the only car I can think of that I feel would give me the same entertainment my S1 gives me.

2 weeks, 1 day ago on The Best Lotus In A Decade