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I don't always drink beer.... But when I do, I prefer to charge the other guy double. Stay thirsty our fans.

2 years, 1 month ago on NBA beer prices: Do the Suns sell the most expensive brews?


First, I just want to say that no we aren't trading Marcin Gortat. Secondly, I feel that the worst thing you can do is these situations is panic. We as a front office, and collectively as a basketball team must come together. Transitions are never easy, and we are no doubt going through one now. Lindsey Hunter has our full support, and we feel he's done an exceptional job to this point. If you look at the play of guys like: Michael, Kendall, and Markieff lately I'm sure you'd agree with that assessment. We feel very strongly in our ability to utilize our draft choices, and add to what we feel is a young developing core. So, I ask you to be patient with us as we complete the process and judge us after a reasonable amount of time has passed. As Lance likes to say, we are cultivating the soil.

2 years, 2 months ago on Oklahoma City 97, Phoenix Suns 69 -- A low of lows