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The positive thing worth noting was that for a while in the first half Goran Dragic looked like a man possessed. He was driving and shooting and passing as well as anyone could hope. If you wanted to be generous you could call him a poor-man's Tony Parker. It was impressive, and (it seems to me) it inspired a strong (albeit brief) performance out of the rest of the team (especially once Gortat and Scola went to the bench). Jermaine O'Neal had a brief and exciting rebirth showing us offense and defense from a bygone era. Hopefully he will continue that sort of play and Gortat could spend more time on the bench (or get traded). 


Somehow while they went to the locker room only five points down (which would have been less if Goran had just shot the stupid ball), Hunter managed to convince them that they should completely implode and allow the Thunder to own them. I'm curious what he said. Maybe he reminded them that we are TANKING this season and that all effort must be limited to the first half. Who knows?

2 years, 2 months ago on Oklahoma City Thunder 127, Phoenix Suns 96 -- Total annihilation