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why are those posts in twitter not assessed points? those who use livefyre get charged for posting opinions but to link from twitter its free and as many as you want! bad business model to charge those who use your service but give it away freely to outsiders. what were you not thinking when you didn't consider all the possibilities before your knee jerk reaction?

2 years ago on Obama’s Secret Court for Killing – Tenth Amendment Center


Why do the federal and state laws infringe on my right to be a well regulated militiaman, as prescribed in the second amendment? Because I aquiesce and allow it to happen.a right not defended is a right denied. Stop talking start defending. Take back what your founding fathers gave you!

2 years ago on I'm broadcasting LIVE right now on Mixlr. "Tenther...


While not a tenth amendment question asking questions of people intimately involved with constitutional study is refreshing and educational. Why does current gun laws limit my ability to be a well regulated militiaman (by 1781 definition) of well regulated. I am not allowed the arms comparable to the standing army of the day nor munitions nor training, thus limiting my ability to achieve well regulated status.I believe this violates my second amendment right to be that well regulated militiaman. What say you?

2 years ago on In your county, the Sheriff is the top dog law enf...