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Incredibly, there are now 5 teams with 41 losses.


Pistons....Cavs....Wiz....Hornets (Pelicans)....& Suns.


Probably not possible to catch the Magic & their teenage frontcourt nor the Bobcats who would be a bubble team in the NCAA Tourney.

3rd place in the Lottery is definitely attainable though.


1 year, 11 months ago on Sacramento Kings 121, Phoenix Suns 112 — Bring on the lottery


Just about kiss the lakers pick goodbye....they keep winning last second games while the jazz are collapsing.


Yeah DBreezy, Dudley is slowly becoming invisible....he doesn't fit on this Bill Simmons wrote in an article last week, Dudley is destined to someday be the 7th man on a championship caliber just won't be the Suns.

1 year, 11 months ago on Sacramento Kings 121, Phoenix Suns 112 — Bring on the lottery


Kings are favored by 7 1/2 tonight.....unbelievable


Hey sammi....lawson been tearin it up for denver....really wanted the suns to draft him

1 year, 11 months ago on Preview: Phoenix Suns (21-40) at Sacramento Kings (21-42)


Only 4 NBA teams have a negative point differential of more than -3.5

Those 4 teams are so bad that they are all -5.6 or worse.

Charlotte....- 10.5

Sacramento..- 6.4

Orlando........- 5.9

Suns.............- 5.6


Shannon Brown ?.....Yeah, I think I remember him.....used to play for the Suns.

1 year, 11 months ago on Suns’ effort to maximize youth killing Brown’s career year, trade value


On the bright side....the Wizards victory over the Raptors tonight means the Suns now stand alone in 3rd place in the Draft Lotto.

Maybe Nerlens Noel is possible.

2 years ago on Goran Dragic needs help; Suns' lack of deals an NBA trend


Only two teams in the league have more losses than the Suns.

Orlando 40.....Charlotte 42.......Suns 38

4 teams have 37 losses....more exciting than the playoff race....lakers keep winning but so do the Rockets.


Suns look like a collection of misfits, malcontents & D-Leaguers.

We need the Hubbel Telescope to see the Light at the end of the tunnel.

2 years ago on Boston Celtics 113, Phoenix Suns 88 -- Another blowout


Who's your HaDaddi ?

2 years ago on Sebastian Telfair traded to Raptors for Hamed Haddadi


Suns are doing better than I thought they would do.....a month ago I said Suns would be 20 games under .500 after Feb. 20th.......well, they're only 19 games under .500.


Suns will probably trade J. O'Neal (who's playing better than Gortat) for a future 2nd round pick which Suns will use to draft the Wear twins (UCLA).

2 years ago on Golden State Warriors 108, Phoenix Suns 98 – Back to reality


Morris twins will be packaged for a future 2nd round pick.


Suns will then use that pick to draft the Wear twins.

2 years ago on Suns trade rumors: Rockets' Marcus Morris traded to Phoenix



 Tyler Honeycutt obviously the key player in that deal...:)

2 years ago on Suns trade rumors: Rockets' Marcus Morris traded to Phoenix


Can we trade Gortat back to Poland for Joanna Krupa (born in Warsaw) ?


Oh man, she is'll make losing much easier to take.

2 years ago on To trade or not to trade: Marcin Gortat


@ DBreezy & Ty-Sun


Speaking of Hedo Turkoglu.....he just received a 20 game suspension for steroid use.

2 years ago on Los Angeles Lakers 91, Phoenix Suns 85 -- Black unis fall short


Nice wins last night by Houston over the Warriors & by Utah over OKC.


Nerlens Noel hurt his knee last night & it doesn't look good....eyewitness Patric Young (Florida) said "it was gruesome".

2 years ago on Los Angeles Lakers 91, Phoenix Suns 85 -- Black unis fall short


and of course the Cavs lose to the TWolves last night....

2 years ago on Al Jefferson and Gordon Hayward interest Suns, Coro reports


Nice loss by the lakers to Miami but a horrible loss by Houston to the Kings...Rox still maintain 3 1/2 game lead over the lakers in race for ther 8th playoff spot & Suns extra Lottery pick.


Meanwhile, if the Cavs beat Minnesota tonight, the Suns will be tied for the 4th spot in the Lottery Lotto.

A top 4 spot guarantees the Suns Noel (Kentucky), Muhammad (ucla), Mclemore (Kansas) or Bennett (UNLV).

2 years ago on Oklahoma City 97, Phoenix Suns 69 -- A low of lows


Trade Babby, Blanks & a 2nd rounder for Shumpert.

2 years ago on Iman Shumpert wanted by Suns, according to NBA trade rumor


@ DBreezy....Yes, I still think the Bobcats will go Noel # 1.....Shabazz is a possibility but there are holes in  his game & did you see the hissy fit he threw after not getting the last shot vs Stanford ?

Drew makes the game winning buzzer-beater bucket & Shabazz ignores the celebration....I just can't see Mclemore going #1 ...but ya never know with the not so cerebral M Jordan.


I do understand your point though, it will take the patience of Job to allow Biyombo & Noel to develop offensively at the NBA level but Noel's defensive skills trump any other player in the college ranks.


Maybe this is the year the #1 pick can be pried away via trade....there is no "mortal lock" for the #1 pick as in previous years & the pressure to win now could affect Jordan's decision.



2 years ago on Oklahoma City Thunder 127, Phoenix Suns 96 -- Total annihilation


@ chance we get Noel in the draft...Bobcats have him virtually locked up....however, that trade you mentioned could be tweaked....Gortat, Morris, Marshall & Suns 1st overall (# 5 maybe) to "Cats for Diop's expiring & Bobcats #1 overall....although knowing the Suns FO, there is about as much chance of that happening as me getting a job.


@Silmarillon from previous post....I'd say right now it's 60-40  that lakers make the playoffs...Rox are playing good ball but have 9 of next 12 on the road....could come down to last game of the year...Rockets at Lakers...April 17th.


@ Miami Hurricanes may be referencing Reggie Johnson (6'10" 290 lb) who is good but to me the most intriguing prospect on the 'Canes roster is Kenny Kadji...he is a legit 6'11" with the best 3pt stroke of any Big Man (6'10" & above) at the collegiate level...started his career at Florida & is 24 yrs old & will be 25 on Draft good a 3pt shooter as Frye but with better athleticism & toughness & could be had at the bottom of the 1st round or top of the 2nd.....Kadji is strictly a stretch PF however....not a Center.


2 years ago on Oklahoma City Thunder 127, Phoenix Suns 96 -- Total annihilation


@ Forever.....Suns used to have a PG similar to K Marshall....Don Buse.


Buse rarely made a turnover, but like Marshall he stayed out by the top of the key & rarely penetrated.....Marshall still has a ways to go  before he can match Buse's overall game though.


As for Elijah Johnson (Kansas PG) he is more of a combo guard than a strict PG....he has not shown the innate ability to run a team but this is his 1st year as a PG & he does possess NBA athletic ability.


The long & the short of it....Johnson should be a 2nd round pick & go to the D-League to develop his PG skills.


ps.....Great Loss by the lakers tonight.

2 years ago on New Orleans Hornets 93, Phoenix Suns 84 -- Too much Mardi Gras