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beyond upset with FNL ... with the WC3 being my favorite sneaker ever and me waiting for another release (wasn't a fan of the 2011) I took me three hours to finally get to the checkout page, i enter in my paypal debit card information, go to check out. SPA error constantly refreshing for 3 more hours then a time out.  in the mean time i couldnt get through on any other internet connection (tried with iPad and phone).  Looked at my paypal account i see the money out of my account.  Paypal says FNL has acknowledged the payment and has not accepted the payment.  FNL says they have an order number...but it was CANCELLED by FNL!!!!  couldnt give me any no reseller, never have doubled up off an online purchase and the times i have has simply to have a pair on ice.  All i can hope for now is a restock or a retail release. tears.

2 years, 2 months ago on Where to Buy the Air Jordan III Retro ’88