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curious, how are there more than 15 conf titles attributed over the last 15 years (UK, UF, and LSU alone add up to 15)?  

sorry if i seem nit-picky.

great site!

2 days, 8 hours ago on When It Comes To SEC Basketball Jobs, Who’s Better And Who’s Best?


its hard to wrap my head around an argument with no data.  have SEC  bball coaching salaries decreased relative to peers?  has facility spending?  has the quality of HS recruits in the S dropped?  has the quality of SEC bball recruits dropped?

using what i know best, LSU, doesnt support this, but its one team.  i know one thing that did really start happening in the 90s was going from stability to instability.  the SEC used to have many long-tenured coaches (Dale, Wimp, Nolan, Hugh).  Is this true for the rest of the country?

and, how do the few schools that are consistently good at both do it?  UF, Wisc, OhioSt, Ok, (UTx, MichSt, Or, UWV?).  is it just $$$?

3 weeks, 4 days ago on Wonder Why SEC Basketball Ain’t All That? Blame Football