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Yes do it! But don't label it a "diet". Approach it as "eating healthy" and the whole family needs to do it. My son is over weight as well. We decided as a family to "eat healthier". So we don't buy junk food.  If its there he WILL eat it. Buy apples, oranges and other healthy snacks. To make sure that we don't feel like we are "dieting" We have dessert. ONE SERVING, once a day. Making these changes we have already lost weight.

We also have contests during a commercial break...who can do the most sit ups during one commercial. Who can do bicep curls during the whole commercial break. If you make it fun...they don't realize they are working out. My son and I actually do Yoga as well. Because your not jumping around and doing high cardio, it doesn't feel like your working out. So my son seems to think it is just stretching his muscles. Little does he know he is also making his core stronger!! My son plays hockey, football, and inline hockey. So he is pretty active, but you need to make sure you do something active every day. I also cut the amount of time he was able to play video games!! Besides, children can be cruel. My son get teased because he is about 15 pound over weight.. I no longer want him coming home upset because of it. So we "eat healthy" we don't "diet"!!!

2 years, 2 months ago on Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Healthy Habits Or Dangerous Dieting