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Absolutely. Detroit beat them 3 out of 4 this year if I'm not mistaken. I think that was the worst possible first round match up for Boston

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Please never start a sentence with surgery is likely when talking about McDonagh again lol think I almost blacked out for a second before I finished reading

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I know its not going to happen but I would like to see the NHL hand out some type of supplemental disipline for this type of play. Maybe not a suspension but at least a fine. I mean his sole intent there is to injure. He is hitting a guy in his hand with his stick after a play and does it again once his glove comes off. They hand out suspensions for "hockey plays" when a hit goes too high which a lot of times is not on purpose. Intent is clear on for Simmons here.

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Now that you point this out I remeber Kreider showing his hand to the ref after the Nash-Bob scrum. Wonder if thats when he hurt it.

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I'm interested to see if the C turns into a bargaining chip to try to get Staal to sign long term

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